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"My support team whispered praise, reassurance and words of love throughout my labour."

Hi Martyna,

I wanted to email you to let you know how our baby boy, Sebastian arrived into the world!

I went into hospital at 37 weeks pregnant to get checked out for a small bleed which confirmed my waters were leaking. I was then booked for an induction 2 days later. During fetal monitoring the next day, they discovered meconium in the waters indicating baby may be under some distress and I was recommended to be induced that day instead. I asked the obstetrician if they could wait until my support team had arrived prior to commencing the induction and they were very happy for this to occur. I was also able to be moved from a covid room to a standard labour room.

As my husband had only had surgery 4 days before for a right ruptured Achilles tendon, I had already requested and received hospital approval for a 2nd person to attend the labour room with me despite covid restrictions. My mum was already staying with us to look after our 2 year old son since my husband's injury. My sister and auntie were at our house and could help drive my husband to hospital where he used crutches to get all the way to me in the labour room. My second support person was my other auntie who is an incredibly experienced midwife and advocate for Calmbirth.

With my support team by my side, the midwife gave me space to setup the labour room while she read my Calmbirth preferences. We dimmed the lights, set up calm music, incense, battery candles, an affirmation flag I made, gym ball and mat for the floor, and I changed into my labour dress. This was how I birthed our first son and it made me feel safe and secure.

The induction began with a small dose of oxytocin, knowing that my first labour had only been 5 hours. For 45 minutes, we waited for contractions (waves) to commence. My auntie successfully used acupressure to help bring on the waves and I listened to the Calmbirth recorded meditations. When the waves began, we setup the tens machine while each wave built in intensity steadily.

My husband lay on his tummy in the bed holding my hand while I was on the floor mat leaning against the gym ball with my auntie sitting beside me. My support team whispered praise, reassurance and words of love throughout my labour. I focused on my breath while listening to the Calmbirth meditations and using the tens. Much sooner than I expected, I needed more to ride out each wave. My auntie used a heat pack and sacral pressure until I requested the gas. I remained focused and calm throughout my labour until my son was born 2 hours later.

Similarly to my first labour, this one was intense and extremely quick, but by no means did this make it any easier. I was so thankful to having done the refresher Calmbirth course to remind me of the skills I successfully used during my first labour that helped me remain focused and calm during my second. The midwives on shift said 'that was the calmest birth (they'd) seen in years'. I was extremely thankful to the midwives and doctors who respected my wishes and allowed me the space to safely birth my son with minimal interruptions. In a medical environment with many cords and machines, it is so important to create a space you feel safe and loved.

I am so grateful and privileged to have experienced a second beautiful calm birth.

Martyna - thankyou so much for supporting us in this journey! I will continue to encourage my pregnant friends to consider the Calmbirth course as it is information we all need and I hope it helps others have positive experiences like mine.

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