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About Calmbirth®

There is nothing more amazing than an empowered birth experience and a joyful start to your babies' life. Imagine bringing your baby into this world in a calm and confident way. Calmbirth® teaches you the skills and techniques to achieve this sort of experience.

Calmbirth® emphasises the amazing ability a woman's body has to birth her baby, and helps you understand how with the right preparation, support and communication, couples can enter the birthing experience with a positive mindset. Calmbirth® teaches you to surrender to the experience of birth and prepares you to calmly work with the process, with whatever way your birth unfolds.

Note: The ideal time to attend the Calmbirth® program is between 24-34 weeks. Although this is not a strict rule, attending the program between this timeframe with give you ample opportunity to digest the content, as well as practice the techniques taught in the program.

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