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Mother Blessing Ceremony

What is a Mother Blessing?

A Mother Blessing is a beautiful ancient ceremony borrowed from the Navajo people of Native America, honouring a woman's rite of passage into Motherhood. 


It differs vastly from a baby shower; where the focus is mainly on baby. A Mother Blessing involves a gathering of the Mother's most trusted family and friends who sit in the power of circle to 'hold' the Mother. Here, she is offered love, support and blessings for the transition ahead, as well as the safety to be witnessed in the 'letting go' of any fears, worries or doubts she might have about her upcoming birth and mothering experience. The ceremony helps the woman to prepare for this rite of passage emotionally and spiritually.


"A woman's birth experience is about who she is, it's about who she becomes, it defines her, it unmakes her, and it re-makes her, it unravels her, and it puts her together again." - Hannah Dahlen

Having experienced the power of this ancient tradition myself, both as the hostess, as well as the Mother, my intention in holding your Mother Blessing Ceremony, is to bring back sacredness in this rite of passage and for you to feel so deeply held and supported by your community - not just for birth, but for Motherhood.

Mother Blessing Package

Included in my package is:

  • Phone/zoom call to plan your individualised Mother Blessing.

  • Creation of digital invitation.

  • Hosting of a 2-3 hour ceremony at the Hey Baby! Studio in Mordialloc.

  • Carefully chosen gifts from me, for your birth and beyond.

  • Handmade flower crown for you to wear for your ceremony.

  • Hand made fabric bunting (used for affirmations you can connect to) to hang in your birth space.

  • All materials for all rituals.

  • Organising a meal roster link, for your circle of support to provide meals for your fourth trimester.


Rituals include:

The following are rituals I base a Mother Blessing ceremony around, however this can be tailored to meet your individual needs:

  • A grounding meditation.

  • Ancestral introduction.

  • Sharing of blessings, gifts, tokens.

  • Stringing your birth necklace or bracelet.

  • A fear release ceremony.

  • Binding of the wrists with red thread.

Other rituals could include:

  • Creating a dreamcatcher for baby.

  • Creating a heat pack for birth or postpartum.

  • Creating a blanket for baby.

  • Anything else you might feel called to include.

Investment: $500

If you have any questions, or would like to enquire about a personalised Mother Blessing, please submit the form below:

Thanks for submitting! We will endeavour to get back to you within 1-2 business days.

*Please check your junk folder for a reply!*

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