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Birth Affirmations

These can be such a powerful tool for birth.

The confidence boost you might need when it all feels too much.

Hearing those soft words whispered into your ear as you break between surges.

Reassurance that you're doing it.

The encouragement to surrender.

A reminder to trust the process.

These are the two affirmations I really connected to for my 3rd birth. Words of support from two incredible women, shared with me during my blessingway. They hit me deep, and so I had them blue tacked onto my wall next to my birth pool. My blessingway helped shift the remaining fears and anxieties I held leading into that birth. And so everyday in the lead up I read these over and over again. A reminder of the confidence I felt walking away from that beautiful circle, held in honouring this right of passage for myself and our baby. A reminder that the crumbling, the shedding, the letting go I experienced that day had given me everything I needed within me to bring this baby earthside.

Leading into your birth, think about what words may resonate for you? What might you like to hear? What will give you that positive reassurance when it all feels to much? Or that everything is as it's meant to be?

Here are a few suggestions:


I breathe deeply and slowly, allowing my baby to descend.

Be present and in the moment.

Each surge brings me one step closer to meeting you.

Trust the process.

Let go.

My body knows exactly how to birth this baby.

My contractions are not bigger than me because they are a part of me.

Welcome labour, make yourself at home.

I feel the presence of the generations of women who have brought their babies earthside safely before me. I am safe, I am loved, I am supported and I am held.

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