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Welcome to the world, little Evan.

Hey Marty,

Elijah and I wanted to share the news with you that our precious boy arrived last night! Evan George Roberts born at 5:56pm, weighing 2.67kg - came earlier than expected at 37+5 weeks! 

We wanted to share our birth story with you and say a BIG thank you for all your advice, support and knowledge you shared with us. We were able to have the birth we wanted, which is such a blessing. 

I went into spontaneous labour on Wednesday night (1am) with very irregular contractions. They lasted all night and into Thursday but wer manageable with rhythmic breathing and using my fit ball. They intensified on Thursday night, but still weren’t establishing a regular pattern. Elijah was the best support person, doing hip squeezes with each contraction! We ended up labouring at home for 38 hours in total; making use of our comfy home environment, the shower, music, tens machine and hip squeezes. All of the pain was in my back as bub was still posterior right up until birth. Once we got to the hospital, the contractions were still irregular as they were coupled together - often 3 rolling together lasting 10 minutes. We even discussed going home again but decided to stay because the intensity was getting to me. I had some sterile water injections (boy do those hurt!!) to help with the back pain. The midwives wanted to do a vaginal exam to check my dilation because we all still thought there might be hours left. I managed to maintain my rhythmic breathing with the help of the gas. I couldn’t move from my position on the floor leaning on the bed to do the internal exam so the midwife tried to have a feel where I was and felt the head!! 16 minutes later, Evan was born! 

I am incredibly proud of us for labouring so long at home and bringing Evan into the world with very minimal intervention. Thank-you for giving us the confidence to make a birth plan that suited us and for giving us the skills to execute it. 

Will definitely be recommending Calm Birth to all my friends!!


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