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How do I known my newborn is getting enough breastmilk?

As a new Mama, there is often concern around "how do I know my baby is getting enough breastmilk?". Unlike feeding via a bottle - where you can "see" what their intake is - here are a few signs that your baby is getting enough:

1. You can see/hear milk transfer. Watch your baby whilst she feeds. You should be seeing sucking action all the way down the jaw line through to the ears as well and seeing/hearing swallows.

2. There should be periods throughout a 24hr day where they are settled between feeds.

3. They should be active and alert during awake periods.

4. Adequate output. Once the milk is "in" - at least 5 heavy wet disposable nappies a day. 3-4 mustard coloured dirty nappies a day up until 6 weeks of age. After this period, a breastfed baby's bowel motions may space out. Some babies go days between motions.

5. Once the milk is "in", you should feel a noticeable difference in softness of the breast after a feed.

6. When a baby becomes "milk drunk" - their arms and hands relax.

7. After their initial weight loss, you will see adequate weight gain. Your home visiting midwife and MCHN will keep an eye on this.

Remember - weight is only ONE sign of adequate intake. Always look at the big picture.

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