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The Breastfeeding Basket

A hot tip for your fourth trimester. Set yourself up with a breastfeeding basket or caddy!

In that early post partum period, where so much of your day is spent learning the art of breastfeeding, having everything you need on hand can make things so much easier.

A basket or caddy for storage are great options, as these are mobile and can move with you, wherever you choose to sit (or lie) down to feed.

Some of the things you might consider putting together are:

➡️ nappies

➡️ wipes

➡️ nappy bags

➡️ baby balm

➡️ burp cloths

➡️ a change of clothes for your babe

➡️ drink bottle

➡️ snacks

➡️ thermos with hot water and your favourite tea

➡️ nipple balm

➡️ breast pads

➡️ a spare top for yourself

➡️ a book your reading

➡️ your phone and charger

➡️ remotes (T.V, aircon, heater etc.)

➡️ a blanket.

I'd love to know if there's anything else you found was an essential for your post-partum!

If you'd like to discuss other ways to set yourself up for a supported fourth trimester, along with all things breastfeeding, join me for the next Breastfeeding Workshop.


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