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Testimonial from Sam: "I learned to trust the process and give in completely to my body".

Becoming a mum was not something I had planned initially. I was head down in my career - post MBA - and looking forward to joining senior management in my field of philanthropy.

Cut to meeting my partner, and soul mate and my little man was to be born in Dec 2019. What a surprise! Unplanned but not unwanted.

As is my way - I had to read and study what was to come. How do I best become a mum, and be the best person I can be for him and myself...

My research led me to Hey Baby! and I found Martyna. After private lessons I was given more than I could have ever read in a book or online.

Real life experience. This coupled with a true belief that we hold within us all we need to birth.

Martyna said upon my first day of meeting her: "My births empowered me" I took this to heart, and realised that I indeed had all I needed inside me to birth my boy....Martyna helped me uncover it and for that I will be eternally grateful.

My birth was very empowering and I did not worry, either before during or after - I learned to trust the process and give in completely to my body.

I got my perfect little man, and Martyna was the one to show me how.

I consider you family now Martyna and will be your biggest advocate 'till the end of my days.

Thank you for sharing yourself, and your knowledge with us.

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