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"He helped me through EVERY wave, and was so empowered to be with me through each step".

Hey Martyna,

We wanted to send you an email to let you know that we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Harmony Joy into the world on Wed 6th October!

It was a long 41 hour labour, and we both recognise and acknowledge that I wouldn't have made it through without the incredible guidance and education we received from you during your Calmbirth course. We have been absolutely raving to everyone we know about the course, and how we both felt so equipped and empowered throughout the labour process.

Personally, before labour, I thought I was going to really struggle with the pain and remaining focused as I normally have a low threshold for pain. But, I can honestly say that I never felt more in control and aware of my body than during the experience. I loved that I was so educated of what my body was going through, that I could really be at peace with the process and trust my body knew what to do.

My Labour:

We laboured at home for about 11 hours before my body was ready for the hospital.

My waves continued to increase at the hospital, as I had my waters broken and bubs heart rate monitored due to meconium in the waters. Then after 8 hours of no change in my cervix dilation and my waves subsidising, I was given an oxytocin drip and my waves increased from 2 every 10 minutes to 6 every 10 minutes (it was full on!). It was then that my back pain was too excruciating to manage for another 4 hours before another vaginal examination so I considered my pain management options.

I was able to withstand 34 hours of labour pain free, before being honest and not trying to "be a hero", and getting an epidural. After the epidural, Jarryd and I could rest for an hour before the pushing stage (and my cervix had dilated from 6cm to 9.5cm in 4 hours- hooray!).

The cord ended up being wrapped around her waist, so I used a peanut ball to change her position. Then it was time to push which went for 2 hours 10 min, in lots of different positions. The midwife realised that she was not coming out via the top of her head but the side, and that was why it was taking so long! I ended up having a 2nd degree episiotomy on the last push. And then she was here! I sang to her, cuddled her and couldn't believe she was ours. Jarryd cried for the next 5 hours before heading home! Haha

The Calmbirth program united Jarryd and I throughout the whole process; as each wave came, I could focus on my breathing and he could focus on encouraging and supporting me through it. He helped me through EVERY wave (he was truly amazing) and was so empowered to be with me through each step.

We cannot thank you enough for your support!

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