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My passion to become a Calmbirth® Educator was driven by both my

professional and personal experiences.

I am a Registered Nurse & Midwife, IBCLC and 'mummy' to three 

beautiful children.

My first encounter with Calmbirth® was as a student midwife, looking after couples who had attended the program in preparation for the birth of their baby. I was truly inspired. I witnessed the amazing ability of couples to calmly birth their babies and have empowering birth experiences. I learnt to trust birth. I learnt to trust in a woman's body and I learnt that knowledge gave couples the confidence to release fears and birth instinctively.


Pregnant with my first child, I wanted that confidence, and so it wasn't even a question that my husband and I would attend the Calmbirth® program in preparation for what was going to be one of the most important experiences of our life.

I'm so proud to say we had the birth we wanted. It was such a magical and intimate experience, where we welcomed our little girl in the most gentle way, with a water birth at home. I have never felt more womanly and more empowered than the day our first born entered this world.

Reflecting on my own experience motivated me down the path of becoming a Calmbirth® Educator. I needed to 'spread the word' and to make a difference to other's birth experiences.


I believe in a woman's ability to birth, and I want to protect that. I want to teach the skills that will enable couples to feel empowered as they welcome their baby in whatever path their birth takes.


About Calmbirth® 




Calmbirth® Group Course
$550 per couple

Learn breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques to work with the process of labour, and achieve an empowering birth experience.


Private Calmbirth® Course
$850 per couple

The full Calmbirth® course, taught privately from our studio in Mordialloc. Available upon request. 


Private Refresher Course

$330 per couple

For couples who have previously attended a full Calmbirth® course. A full day refresher taught from our studio in Mordialloc. Available upon request.

Breastfeeding Workshop
$150 per couple
*$110 for Calmbirth® clients

All you need to know about breastfeeding your newborn baby. A three hour class taught from our studio in Mordialloc.

Mother Blessing Ceremony
 inc. all preparation, materials, holding of ceremony & set-up of meal train.

A celebration honouring a

Mum-to-be. Surrounding her with love and support as she moves towards birth and into the next stage of Motherhood.



 "It was nice to learn about labour and childbirth in such a positive environment - too often we read stories or hear people talk negatively about the process, so it’s nice to be reminded that it’s not always the case. I feel we’re now empowered with the knowledge and practices to not be scared of what lies ahead, but instead look forward to the process and amazing reward at the end!"

"Amazing...I have recommended you to friends and even pregnant strangers that I meet. Calmbirth® enabled me to have the confidence to birth naturally and to trust in my body and birth. It empowered me and I am forever grateful!"

"It was an amazing tool for birth preparation and to empower me to ask for the birth experience I desired."

" Having a complete understanding of the birthing process and therefore an acute awareness of what I was going through. He also knew that his support was crucial, but remained calm, even during the drive to the hospital. He read my needs, even though I was fairly non-communicative at the hospital, setting up the music and then using cold towels to cool me down throughout the labour. He was completely focused on linking what we had learned during the class to what was happenig during the labour and birth...Whilst I was prepared for pain relief, the best thing was that I only used gas at the hospital. The labour and birth was totally empowering, however this feeling didn't come for about a week after the birth. Having control of my body and being so aware of what it was doing to get the baby out was incredible. I was also in control of what I wanted and when it came time to push, I was able to be up on my knees, which is exactly what I always wanted."

"We absolutely loved the course! We can’t thank our educator enough for her wisdom. The skills we have learnt going into our first birth bring us confidence in my bodies abilities and a whole new exciting level of empowerment and trust in the process! Forever grateful."

"I felt so empowered going into the birth experience. I was in such a zone in my mind I just remained so focused on helping my body through the process and going with all the waves. I actually also feel like it wasn’t so much a painful experience, but an adrenaline blur if that makes sense - but then again my whole birth was very quick, 6.5 hours which might attribute to that :). I progressed 1cm- 2cm per hour which I absolutely credit to being in such a positive, calm mindset which enabled me to be so focused on riding the waves. I think the best thing about my experience was looking back on the whole experience and how as a team, we welcomed our baby to the world in such a wonderful way. There was no sense of clinical, and it all just felt so right with the ambience and support provided. All birth preferences just felt naturally supported. I would say the pushing was certainly the hardest but I had incredible support from the midwifes to get me through...

I really think empowering women is a must and we should all do more to educate and raise awareness. Birth is such a wonderful experience, our bodies are AMAZING! And it needs to be a story told far and wide to give women confidence."


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